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Color Consultation

Color Consultation

Why Color Matters

It’s no secret that certain colors emit certain feelings. Red embodies passion, blue promotes calmness, and yellow shines with optimism. But, have you ever considered how incorporating color into your home or business can impact the emotions attached to the space?

The key is careful, deliberate use of color. At Interior Elements Designs, we use color theory in the very beginning of a design to establish the tone. It guides many of our choices, like paint, lighting, texture, and shape.

Color theory is a guide to color mixing and the visual effects of a specific color combination. Understanding how color is made helps us determine how to use it more effectively in design. In your home, we can convey calmness, approachability, and neutrality using blues, browns, and grays. When it comes to your business, whites, reds, and greens can promote cleanliness, energy, and action. Just imagine – the colors used in the design can actually prompt customers to buy your product or gain trust in your brand.

Hiring a Design Professional that Understands Color

Color elicits mood in design, therefore interior designers must understand how to communicate the mood. Ann Moore, Owner of Interior Elements Designs, is only one of ten designers in North Carolina who completed the Professional Color Certification Program by Sensational Color. The course is accredited and recognized by the American Society of Interior Designers.

Ann sees the value in being a certified color expert because educating clients about color and the role it plays in design increases confidence in the process and the finished product.
If you’re ready to see how Interior Elements Designs can use color to create harmonious schemes or elicit certain moods, view our portfolio or contact us today for a consultation.

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